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Welcome to ‘potato-geddon!’

Hello Food watchers, Duncan here with some food run updates.


On Thursday we got a call from Morrisons saying, “we have an extra delivery for you.” Three hours later, we were away with 51 crates of fresh seasonal delectables including much tatties that was enough to run a big Edinburgh chippy for a day or two.

      A mind WAPPING 600kg of natural freshness!

We sorted out food for Cook-Inn’s service users and larger packages for other charity organisations running shelter accommodations. Thanks for the help from Janine and Clive:

  • 20 Crates of fresh produce were delivered to three homeless shelters
  • 2 Young people’s shelters in West Pilton and a Salvation Army shelter in the Pleasance got 66 food parcels worth between them. YAY! Happy faces all around.
Food bonanza from Morrisons Supermarket


We had another 17, or so, crates still to sort out and bag up for other charities. Thanks to Janine, Susan, and Gordon for their invaluable assistance.

  • We delivered to Bethany House and Dunedin House 20 crates between them.
  • We donated 2 crates to the Hollies Day Centre in Musselburgh. Thanks to them, we are able to provide fresh soup and rolls on Sundays during this wintry period.
  • 8 new referrals were given full bags of vegetables.

(Overall – 91 food parcels worth)



On the even of 2018 Morrisons kept giving and today, the 31st of December, see us receiving another 15 crates of blessings. We assorted 37 packages for service users along with freshly made bread rolls and potato soup, from two Polish volunteers (Elizabeth and Hanna) who also attended our Cook-Inn class. Special thanks to our food distribution volunteers Janine, Adele, and Gordon for helping with the Stoney Bank area delivery and to Susan and Jamie for the new referrals nearing the Fisherrow area.

Clive and I did the Prestonpans delivery before proceeding to Restalrig, in Edinburgh, to continue after being joined by my wife Janine. We ended the night by dropping of 5 crates of food to the same Salvation Army, by the Pleasance,  we previously visited and another new shelter called Stopover which received another 2.

(Overall – 80 food parcels worth)

I am truly exhausted and amazed. We have fed 274 people in four days more than in the previous twelve weeks put together. What a way to end the year! Wish you all a happy hogmanay and slange var (slante mhath) which is ti say, good health and long life in 2018. God Bless.


From the Cook-Inn Team




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