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‘Up the Ziggurat, Lickety Split’!

As the comedy fans amongst us will have already noted, today’s theme is the brilliant series ‘Red Dwarf’, where the last human being alive rattles around in a spaceship (of title name) with a skewed, but very helpful droid (Kryten), a holographic, rule-loving companion (Rimmer) and a humanoid lifeform whose personality bears a striking resemblance to my nuttier cat, Reiver 😺(not surprisingly, Cat).

Today saw Duncan (Red Dwarf name; Lister) haring off at 7 am to start the final week of his summer job. 💃💃💃💕 Naturally, he took the car 🚗(!) I would have dropped him off had I been a hundred percent fit, 😒 📉 and then doubled back. As it was, the now-returned George (most likely, Kryten) picked me up as we headed for Morrison’s.🏪


The Store was very busy, and as we negotiated for someone to find our (as it turned out)  14 lovely crates of fruit & veg, Fred arrived from Edinburgh West to help us out (in Red Dwarf he reminds me a little of one of those very capable Gelfs who sometimes ally themselves with the Dwarf crew, and might even dig them out of trouble). A quick sort in the car park (I love this dry summer for car park sorting ☀) and off we went. So much food even meant the car was completely full; Fred volunteered to use his pass to bus it back to the Hollies. 🚏🍟🍠🍡🍧🍦🍥🍤🍣🍢🍛🍜🍝🍲🍳

These days we are so adept at the routine that I won’t go into details. Suffice it to say that 1.30pm or so saw us eating lovely hot food, specially made for us by Clive the Chef and his helper, Gordon (Episode; ‘Balance of Power’, where Lister takes the Chef’s exam). They even made three different pots, 🍲🍲🍲 because of my allergies and those of one of our recipients who has more of a problem with red lentils than I do. We are talking about asking Morrison’s about their fish and chicken waste, and varying everyone’s diet to include fish and chicken too. Vote,please, people… who thinks we should try to branch out into non-veg and fruit items,🍤🍗🍣🍕🍔🍴🐔🐟 and who thinks we should stay veggie? 🍈🍌🍏🍍🍅🍒🍓 

Answers on the website or facebook site, please.  This is an opportunity to affect history; the evolution of Cook-Inn! (Episode: ‘Future Echoes’). Also, let us know if you want a mention in the blog (some folk are shy). Certainly, we would always hope to provide a non-meat alternative as we try to consider special diets as a matter of course. 👌🍰🍻☕🍇🍹🍰🍣

Another factor to consider is the help of my friend Naeema (Episode; ‘Psirens’, probably; she is very glamorous) who took me to visit a business expert this week (Episode; ‘The Inquisitor)‘ He never asked to be named, so I won’t; if he calls me I’ll mention him next week. One upshot is, that from now on I will be emailing people the link to our web and facebook sites; not the naked email anymore. We hope that folk will ‘like‘, and comment, on our sites. In this way we will learn what kind of service people really want! God (episode; ‘Waiting for God‘) has allowed us stupendous success so far, and we need to know which ways to expand now we are looking at getting additional funding. I will also hopefully soon have PVG 👮 (Police checks) completed forCook-Inn, and not just my job; this means that the NHS nurses wishing to recommend our service to older and disabled people previously on delayed discharge in East Lothian (episode; ‘Backto Reality)‘, can begin their referrals! 🚑🚑🚑🚚🚚🚲 ♿👵👴👧👦

Clive having called round the volunteer team for us, three more cars and their drivers were available. What a difference from last week (episode; ‘Meltdown‘)! Stanley and Feston (both with helpful kids in tow), Lia & Andrea all ate with us, picked up boxes of hot & cold food and set off. George and Fred drove the West Edinburgh run, calling me to check on the address of our newest recipient near Duddingston. Someone with a learning disability, whose benefits have suffered greatly due to the enforced change to ‘PIP’ (Episode; ‘Terrorform)’. Sadly, we see that there is a lot of that about. 🏢📝😠

Lastly, Clive and I cleaned up in the Hollies kitchen, and talked about which ways to most effectively grow the project. As we swept and mopped, the intrepid Claire from Leith’s Pilmeny Development Project arrived to pick up the pre-arranged donation of food for her Youth project. This aims to take the pressure off of families in the summer holidays, when their kids are not receiving free school meals (Episode; ‘Back in the Red)‘. 🎓👶👦👧🏫

Many thanks, as always, for the generosity of the Hollies team, Elaine & Liz (Red Dwarf’s famous computer, ‘Holly)’. Without you, no hot food at all would be possible. 😃😊💞💚🙌

Happy travels, everyone, and God Bless. See you next week. 😊


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