Twin Troubles Part Two

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19th May 2019.                                     ‘Twin Troubles’ part 2.

Hi there, Food Fanciers! Last week we had left Barney the big dog lost on a dark and misty hill; and our heroine Daisy the cat was knocking on the door of a big oil lamp structure, seeking to rescue her brother Archie.

Daisy  jumped a good foot into the air as the door creaked menacingly open. Coming down with back arched, and fur standing out all over, she grimly stalked into the dark interior. Then she let out a yowl; a hundred versions of herself stared out at her from every angle. The entrance was a hall of mirrors! Backing out for a second she was glad she’d thought to keep a foot in the doorway; the opening tried to slam shut as she retreated. Her front paw protested at this rough treatment; but Daisy pushed back through. Closing her eyes, she felt around for the nearest hard surfaces. Slowly she found walls, cobwebs (a nasty shock) but at last another door. Bursting through this one, she scrambled back just in time; there was no floor. In its place was a huge fire pit! Clawing right into the edge of the tiles, Daisy gained purchase and retreated backwards, cursing her brother’s apparent lack of wisdom in coming here. Daisy stoically felt around herself again with her paws, and found another door. ***

Barney stumbled onwards, still aiming for ‘down the hill’ but unsure just where he was. The air was getting chilled, and it smelt like snow was coming. Barney knew this was not a good place to be stuck in a blizzard. Still, he hoped that heading downwards would bring him out of the fog – maybe even near Alice’s little, yellow-roofed cottage. He wondered how the big-hatted astronomer was doing, now that he’d moved in. A blast of icy air made Barney look hastily for cover. He bolted behind a nearby bush and dug himself in, whimpering as the cold bit into his paws. ***

The seventh door brought Daisy out into a hallway. The previous few had not been pleasant places to discover, and if she’d been in a foul mood before, the sturdy little cat was in a worse one now. When she met the architect of this mad place, she was going to have a few things to say to them. Suddenly, a plaintive ‘mew’ could be heard coming from one of a series of doors leading off the hallway. It sounded like Archie; but wait! As she sprang in the direction of the sound, another, all-but-identical ‘mew’ was heard from a different door. Then a third; then a fourth. The cries all got more desperate as they continued; Daisy froze, not knowing what to do. Then she had an idea;

“Archie”? She called at one of the doors. The noise came again, sounding scared and in pain. Daisy went to all of the doors in turn, until the last door yielded a different answer.

“Oh, not you again”! Mewed thislastvoice in a fit of teenage resentment. Crowing to herself in triumph, Daisy pawed open the door. Sure enough, there was her brother, trapped on a ledge which seemed to be growing smaller and smaller with every passing second. Underneath Archie were some very sharp rocks, and he was trying to keep a hold of the diminishing ledge to avoid being skewered by them. He looked up, all embarrassment and desperation.

Sighing to herself again, Daisy backed up. Archie’s eyebrows went up in shock and panic as he feared for a moment that his sister was abandoning him. Then Daisy ran in as fast as she could go. Round the walls she flew, dislodging loose bricks wherever her feet touched. She grabbed Archie by the scruff of the neck, pulling him off what remained of the ledge and throwing him at the far wall. Archie, left with no choice in the matter, extended his claws while yelling ‘Meeeaough’! He hit the wall hard and scaled down it, creating great gashes in the plaster but reaching the doorway unharmed in a flurry of claws and teeth. Daisy was right behind him, and sent him spinning into the hall on his butt as she shot through the doorway. Picking himself up with what little dignity remained, and licking his new bruises, he sent a disgruntled mew in her general direction and thumped off down the hall in a sulk. Used to this, Daisy followed behind, brushing dust off her front paws in a practical fashion.

Before their eyes, a rainbow-hued apparition shimmered into view. It was a man in a tall hat, with stars and moons all over his cloak. He was clapping his hands merrily. “What a show”! He crowed, as if the cats had come deliberately to entertain him. “You must tell me how you doubled yourself! What a trick”. The man wandered in little circles with his hands behind his back, humming thoughtfully.

Daisy, who was in no mood for chat, frowned impatiently at him. “What trick”? She asked incredulously. She was busy wondering why he never strayed far from a curtain on his right.

The wizard-like man’s eyebrows shot up. “Why, being in two places at once, of course”! He indicated first Daisy, and then her brother. Archie let out a quick, quiet ‘Eureka’! He’d figured it out. This wizard had never before met twins!

Daisy, aware that her brother was more book-smart than she was, silently watched events play out. At least Archie would feel a little less resentful if he had a chance to show off. She concentrated on keeping an eye on the wizard, to ascertain his weaknesses.

Part 3 nextweek, folks! 33 families fed today. God bless – Janine, Duncan & Reiver the cat. x


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