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”Trails & Tribble-ations”

Let us start by saying farewell to Tam the fresh produce warehouse man at Morrisons Portobello, who has changed branches. Thank you for all you assistance, from all the Founders, Volunteers and Service Users of COOK-INN.

There was nothing normal or average about today. Firstly we did not have use of the Hollies or the services of our Chef Clive. Secondly, the lovely Janine was under the weather, so was having a much needed day off and looking after our wee rogues Romy & Reiver – our wee feline ‘Tribbles’. Especially Reiver; the cutest, maddest, cuddliest walking stomach you have ever met. Thirdly, we had our smallest donation since we started – only two crates today. I am a fairly good cook myself, but for the life of me I could not come up with a recipe where the ingredients were half a potato, a mushroom, a lettuce leaf and two grapefruit. That was all we would be able to give our service users each. I felt bad enough that we were not able to do meals on wheels this week. So I bent the rules, put my hand in my pocket and bought a large shopping trolley of food as a top-up. Janine & I have done this every now and then since the project started. We are by no means rich, but we are not poor either. We are working class, and I have just been made redundant, so things are not easy. We both have allergies and I have osteoporosis in the spine.

[box type=”info”] An apple and the title of ‘Class Swat’ goes to anyone who can name the show this week’s blog is named after.[/box]

We are very proud of what this project has achieved so far and are striving to build and grow on our present success. George and I bagged up our food bags. Today’s bounty was a few handfuls of potatoes, some carrots, onions, spring greens, a pepper, an apple, two grapefruit and a mystery item – enough to make a nice soup and a fruit salad for a couple of people. Not masses but when you have very little, free fresh fruit and vegetables are very welcome.

George went off to deliver the ‘Edinburgh’ run. Joram arrived next and collected the bags for the ‘Outer Musselburgh’ run, which he and Gordon delivered with help from Adele & Feston.  I delivered Central Musselburgh, Prestonpans & Wallyford.

All our service users greeted us with their usual smiles and banter J.

We normally start our Sunday about 10.30am and finish between 4.30 and 7pm depending on volunteer levels. Today we were finished by 3pm. Everyone got home safely.


A little about me

I am Duncan, husband of Janine who is your normal wordsmith and blog writer.

I am an Edinburgh native, a proud Kilt wearer, and former environmental & wildlife campaigner. I have been married to the amazing Janine for 22 years, together 23yrs.

How time flies! it feels like weeks, not years.  I am also a COOK-INN founder and volunteer.

I’d like to tell you about another project close to our hearts; Carrifran Wildwood and the Borders Forest Trust. In the mid 90’s we became involved with a project to grow a native forest. Not for timber or profit; just for beauty and joy. On Millennium Day – 1st January 2000 – the Trust took possession of the Carrifran Valley and planted the first of our native Scottish trees.

Today Carrifran Wildwood has over 600,000 native Scottish trees and covers 6 Square kilometres of the Borders. Carrifran is part of the Borders Forest Trust, which owns 25 Square Kilometres of the Devil’s Beef Tub, a famous Moffat valley just over the ridge from Carrifran. Together, we and our many supporters have planted over a million native trees in the Scottish Borders.

Home – Borders Forest Trust

Borders Forest Trust is an environmental charity formed in 1996 to conserve, restore and manage native woodlands and other natural habitats for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Please visit our website:

Cook-Inn Musselburgh | Incipscuous!

We are a Musselburgh base organisation that seeks to make the best of food products by recycling products. That is we collect food donated to us and run cooking classes using some of them then share the finish delicacies with various service users here and in parts of Edinburgh.

As always; to volunteer, donate or refer call our

Helpline: 07531 436 389

God bless all, and have a safe and happy week. See you next time.


SsHaa GranDiece Ltd

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