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Title to be decided before the end!

Clive the Chef wanted me to call this update ‘Cool Runnings’ after the movie of the same name, because of the Marathon. As a working title, we will start with that. As we began the day, traffic from what seemed like the whole of Scotland jammed the diversion routes, making us late for the  Morrison’s pickup. Fortunately, sort of, George and Fred were indisposed this week, so we were picking up alone. This meant we could forego the obligatory cup of tea without being rude, and simply cut to the chase. Tam the Versatile Veg Manager, and Gillian the Charming Community Champion, were on hand to ensure that the fifteen or so crates of on-date fruit and veg reached us without further ado. It swiftly became apparent that I would be using my bus pass to get to the Hollies, because all that food (and the onion on the top) rendered my presence impossible unless I rode on the roof! By 12.30pm I had reached my destination, and Duncan and the industrious Adele were already both cooking, and bagging up.  Clive had reached the kitchens early again, and hot rolls were almost done already. By 1pm lunch was served, the lovely Lia and Andrea had arrived to help deliver – and everyone tucked in happily to a fortifying split pea-laden concoction and some tasty bread. Duncan, still finishing the bags, had to be made to sit and eat by Adele. ‘Welcome to my life’ I whispered. Once my half-German hubby starts a thing, he always wants to finish it before he gets distracted. 🍔🍣🍭🍮🍒🍓🍏🍎🍆🍅🍜🍜🍜

Lost in Space!

Lia and Andrea took a Musselburgh run as I peeled off in the car to feed the cats. It was 1.30pm, and about time they had a little top-up. Having to turn left (away from home) because of the one-way street, it did not occur to me that the run would affect my journey until I hit the main road. Yellow-coated people appeared at frequent intervals, directing the suddenly backed-up traffic in a sad, slow journey to places we didn’t intend. Anyone trying to park round the back of the  Hollies was doomed to a mystery tour upon their exit. I finally got to the cats at 2.45pm, and that was using the Satnav. Needless to say, they were very pleased to see me…👀🙀😸

Going back to the troops, travelling as ‘West’ as I could to avoid further trouble, I discovered that Joram had arrived and was delivering the big Musselburgh run with Adele. Feston had also come to help us, and he and Duncan were driving up to Prestonpans and Wallyford. This left the kitchens to be cleaned up, and Susan had kindly arrived to help. We breezed through it and finished as Duncan returned, ready for the Pilton and Restalrig run. As the bags were fitted in the car, Duncan and Clive agreed to do this run together, leaving me time to ‘bus’ home to check on the cats again. Since there was no more room in the car anyway, I awaited my public transport, wondering how long a bus would take to get through the blockade. As it happened, by now it was close to 5pm and the yellowcoats had left, taking their numerous metal fences with them. But as I neared the house I saw a familiar sight; my friend Dave’s stunning bike, parked in the cul de sac. We had visitors! 🚌🚲 Sorry Dave, I couldn’t find a motorbike icon! 😅

Dave let me in, mentioning that he had brought his lovely wife Mel – and did I know that, if you didn’t lock the door my cat Reiver could use his considerable weight to force it open? ‘Yes’, I replied. ‘He hangs off the handle and it opens. His brother showed him how’. Apparently Reive had given them the runaround in my front garden. That should give all three of them an appetite! We grabbed some food, put more down for the cats and headed out to my garden table in the still-good sunshine. Lia texted me that the run was delivered safely, and all was right with the world. I enjoyed a lovely evening, until next morning I discovered a text which had taken its time coming through; one of our helpers had left four bags unattended in the stair for the absent Susan, who delivers to her neighbours during the week and who, of course, had been volunteering in the kitchens at the time. The bags had been liberated. She was very upset for her recipients. Veg had been left before and nothing like this had ever happened. 😒

I finished work that day as fast as I could, put a ‘begging’ face on, and visited Clive at the Hollies before he left for the day. Clive, knowing that Lidl now kindly donate to the Hollies on a Tuesday, prepared a big bag of what he could spare as a replacement. I ‘bussed’ it up the road to Susan, who took it in happily. On the way home I walked up the river path, and saw that some geese were educating their extremely cute chicks on how to find food in the grass. I took a quick picture on my phone, feeling so much better about the world. Now I declare that the official title for today’s update is to be; 

‘A New Hope’!


God bless, all. See you next week. 😊

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