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The Melting Pot

The sun 🌅 beamed out of the sky, and I wondered if I could fry an egg with a magnifying glass on my car bonnet. Discouraged from attempting this by the eager cawing of the crows and gulls, who had already been fed this morning but could have welcomed more, we instead careened out of the cul de sac. Soon the green and yellow sight of Morrison’s swung into view, along with Fred the intrepid, bus- travelling arm of the operation. Having come all the way from Pilton this morning, he probably set off two hours before. 🚏

And today we had a mountain 🌄 of food to sort through! 😊 Clive the Chef, having forgotten his keys, had warned us not to expect use of the Hollies today because he couldn’t open up. This meant we were bagging up in the car park here, and if we were short on anything (or had too much of something) no swap could be made with the Hollies supplies. As it happened there would be no need. Crates and crates of lovely spud, veg and fruit gleamed up at us from the containers on the concrete. I stood to one side to stop the sun wasting some of the more delicate fruit, and we set to. Several times I had to run around the side of the car to retrieve leaflets for passers-by, who had seen us there before and were curious. Every time we bag up in public, more people come up to chat. ‘Cook-Inn’ is getting to be well known in Piersfield! 😎

Joram arrived, volunteering his services as a driver. With soft fruit beginning to liquefy under the searing heat of the sun, we didn’t want to wait around. Once the bags were full, we loaded him up and sent him to Adele, our Pedestrian Powerhouse. Adele’s run is the biggest, and she organises the whole thing. As soon as he’d left, Clive rang back. 🚗🌄🍇🍈🍉🍊🍌
“Someone let me into the stair, and now I’ve got the keys. Soup will be ready by 2.30pm. Adele has come to the kitchen and is helping me”.
AAGH! 😲 Nobody could find Joram’s number, and he couldn’t answer anyway because he was presumably driving. With no Adele, the fruit would just carry on melting because we needed two to deliver. Besides, some of the deliveries were to older people with dementia. They all knew Adele, but they might not open the door to a relative stranger. We loaded all the rest of the stuff into our polo, along with Fred and Duncan. I hared off to the bus stop because there just wasn’t room for me. Everyone tried to get back to the Hollies as fast as we could. When we arrived it transpired that Adele possessed Joram’s number, and she had called him. Joram had answered when he’d pulled up. Now he was here as well. All was on track again. Soup was eaten by all, while the fruit in the bags cooled down. Joram and Adele left in a hurry, while Clive tried to video them for the blog.  “Don’t do me”, Adele said shyly. Clive was left to interview my husband, whose enthusiasm for the project knows no bounds. Find him on Youtube to view the result! 🎥💃
As regular readers will know, the Musselburgh Lidl  also donates to the Hollies twice weekly. This time, we needed no extra supplies, and we were donating food ourselves! 🍢🍣🍤🍥🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🍬🍭🍅🍆🍇🍈🍉🍊🍌🍍🍎🍏🍑🍒🍓🍵🍵🍵
Susan, fast as lightning, finished cleaning up the kitchen and cafe area. She and a recently-arrived Banwell began the run in her own area. Fred and Duncan dropped me off to feed the two cats – a little late, as the soup had been cooked later. Romy, the cutest elderly cat in East Lothian, meowled his disapproval, both of the time his lunch arrived and its content. Serving his less fussy (and much younger) brother Reiver while he stropped, I eventually found something he would eat a little of. Naturally, Reive was more than happy to help him by cleaning the bowl of his leftovers – something I had to put a stop to, or he might wind up re-creating a scene from Monty Python, involving a character called ‘Mr Creosote’. A Morrison’s banana to anyone who can tell me what happened to him after giving into temptation for a wafer-thin mint(!) 😁
Having completed the run in Wallyford and Prestonpans, the lads now zoomed off to Pilton. ‘Special’ soup and veg was delivered on the way to our newest recipients; one of whom had been terrified to ask for food due to multiple allergies. Needless to say, a Chef like Clive who has faultlessly fed the likes of me had no trouble adapting his recipes for her benefit. With nothing else to do except cuddle the cats and write the blog, I settled down to await Duncan’s return with a mug of tea! 😄☕😸😺
God bless, all. See you next week. Remember the helpline number is; 07531 436 389.
Janine. xx

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