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The Call to Arms

The cat, he howls; it’s 5am. So I’ll be getting up again.

It’s cold, dark, and all a muddle. But Romy cures me with a cuddle.

There is no nicer sound, than that; of a contented, purring cat.

And here comes Reiver; hear the thunder! Here for food, I shouldn’t wonder.

We really must control his diet. Why can’t his pounding feet be quiet?

His walk is full of complications, despite the vet’s kind ministrations.

The noise tempts one to stand and stare! However now’s my usual time for prayer.

I greet my Lord with happy heart. So, pretty much, does each day start.

Soon, Duncan’s up; the day moves on. He gets the food from Morrison’s.

In Granton Church he greatly cheers, since loads of folk have volunteered!

The bags get filled; he keeps the score. Today we’re feeding 34.

The soups are stashed, and Clive’s made buns. While Duncan divvies up the runs.

Now we’ve more folk to lend a hand, Chef Clive wants to expand.

He’s made a deal with our big Tesco. Donations will not start quite yet, though.

Next week, Saturday night I’m told, we’ll get their ‘waste’, and keep it cold.

More food means we can have more fun; and reach more folk with every run.

Our next ambition’s really fine. We’d like to get folk in to dine.

We’ll ask permission very soon, to open up the dining room.

We’d put up ads in open spaces, Bus stops, and communal places.

So folk in Granton, wanting lunch, can come right in and start to munch!

And now I’d like, just as I ought, to thank the Church for their support.

We came to them with our ideas, our shortcomings, our hopes and fears.

To speed us up when we began, they helped us formulate a plan.

Along with ‘Strive’, who also saw, the need to keep right with the law.

Our dreams are big; don’t let them scare ya. We want ‘Cook-Inn’ in every area!

A thousand teams a thousand towns. We’ll get the food, you find the grounds.

Glasgow, Dunfermline, with a smile? I think I’d like to get Carlisle.

My friends down there know who they are! You bring yourselves, we’ll bring the car.

Dear fans, wherever else you’ll be? Pick up your phones, and contact me.

Text me soon your charitable ambition, where’er you live, join the mission.

We’ll come and help you organise, a start-up that will help you’ll change lives.

We’ll show you the ropes, you won’t believe, the good things to achieve.

Just phone the Helpline. We’ll be thrilled. Ambitions soon will be fulfilled.

Email? Facebook? Write a letter. Soon, the weather will get better.

We’re sharing our idea for nowt. So take your cook-pots, and come out!

We’ll help you plan, liaise, and start, the project that will win your heart.


The Helpline is, of course, 07531 436 389. Or you can contact us at:  You can also find Cook-Inn on Facebook, and Youtube.

Those of you who are Facebook savvy can even find my own page, if they like. After all, I originally started it up to mention ‘Cook-Inn’ to a wider audience.

Have a safe, warm day, folks. I know my cats will, because they doze in between meals on their heat pad. I wish Morrison’s donated pet food…

God bless, all.

Janine. xx


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