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Summer Bounty

Summer Bounty

Scottish Charity Number: SCO40701

COOK – INN Musselburgh operating in Edinburgh & East Lothian

2nd June 2019. 

Summer Bounty.

On Thursday, Duncan got a call. He saw it coming, not at all.

‘Morrison’s has got some bread’ the charming Gillian had said.

Dunx drove along to see what’s what. He thought it wouldn’t be a lot.

But workers brought them out in droves! Four hundred, yes; and twenty loaves.

So Duncan packed the car, and then; to fit in more, he packed again.

The Granton freezers overflowed. They’d never carried such a load.

So many more, he couldn’t cram – however squished – inside of them.

Dunx was going this alone; he thoughtfully pulled out his phone.

Edinburgh with rooms is blessed, where homeless folk can get their rest.

Duncan called up every one, to see if they could use a bun.

Or baps, or wraps, or something bready. Describe a need, and he was ready.

One place took seventy or more; he piled them up against the door

For staff to give them out with toppings. He didn’t watch; no time for stopping.

Others preferred a modest haul. Some places don’t do bread at all.

But Duncan faithfully disposed; of what, in his car, still reposed.

The rest will go, I’m sure you’ve heard, to families who have been referred.

On Saturday night, our Tesco left a short and enigmatic text.

Could Duncan come, and don’t be late; we have for you a few wee crates’.

Good job he’s into driving solo; Dunx grabbed the keys of his wee Polo.

This time the haul was what they said; a few nice crates… mostly of bread!

Sunday came, with offerings – of fruit, and veg, and similar things.

Some more, some less; and this is based, according to each person’s taste.

So everyone who likes their toast. got bread, of which they’ll make the most.

And, ’cause we’ve fairly spread the loot; our celiacs got extra fruit.


Twenty eight bags of fruit, vegetables and bread were given out on Sunday – and twenty five hostels received a bread-bounty on Thursday afternoon! Well done to Duncan, who sorted and delivered all this while I was working during the week – and then flew solo again, while I was having a quiet day on Sunday. Thanks to his efforts, I am fit for work now the week has come around once more.

Much love to all our readership, from Reiver and all the Animal Investigators, from the team, and from Duncan and I,

God Bless, all. See you next week.

Janine. xx

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We are a Musselburgh base organisation that seeks to make the best of food products by recycling products. That is we collect food donated to us and run cooking classes using some of them then share the finish delicacies with various service users here and in parts of Edinburgh. Check out when our next Cook-Inn class is and make a reservation to be a part of this great local initiative. Contact us for more details.


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