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Some Winter Wordplay

1. At 5am starts every day
When the cats come out to play.
This Sunday morn was just the same –
They both began their little game.
2. Reive’s own food never tastes as good
As he believes his brother’s would!
And so he thunders round the room,
So Romes’ll sense approaching doom.
3. And while Reive thuds onto the table,
His bro runs fast as he is able.
He leaves his food to save himself
So I’ll go get more from the shelf.
4. Once the breakfast is no more,
Reiver thunders through the door
And Romy sleeps while I get dressed –
‘Half an hour without the Pest’!
5. Dunx finds the esky, loads the Polo.
Checks phones to see if he’ll be solo,
Or if a friend might aid collections
And join him in the veggie sections.
6. Morrison’s¬†loomed up ahead.
George was there, but this time Fred
Was meeting us at Granton Church
To cook the food with chef Clive Birch.
7. Upon arrival, Duncan now saw
People busy on the ground floor.
Not to be caught unawares,
These troopers lugged crates up the stairs.
8. They packed the bags trying to be quiet
(Lest one dropped melon cause a riot)
In record time, the bags were done.
This week, there were 31.
9. For some, the ‘Bru had called it quits
And disappeared their benefits.
Some are old, and live alone,
Just waiting for their kids to phone.
10. Some suffer from increased fragility.
Others have reduced mobility.
Or allergies to certain foods
(Which puts most Food Banks in a mood).
11. But Clive the Chef, who has long been
cooking lunches for Janine,
Can make a special meal for you,
Whatever you’re allergic to.
12. The soup was made, the workers fed.
Dunx did the Pilton run with Fred.
Feston volunteered to go
Round the homes in Fisherrow.
13. George and Janine, who knew it well,
Did Stoneybank with our Adele.
While Duncan doubled back – He’s good –
For Prestonpans and Wallyford.
14. And on the way, he’ll have been seen
Delivering to Magdalene.
There is no end to Duncan’s talents.
I write the Blog to keep the balance!
15. Then home, to tea, and food, and cats.
All cosy in our little flat.
Computer on. I think, this time,
I’ll treat them to a little rhyme!
God bless, all. Enjoy your week.



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