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Solo’! Or: ‘The Musselburgh Run in Eighteen Parsecs’!

Solo’! Or: ‘The Musselburgh Run in Eighteen Parsecs’!

Just like the characters were in the recent movie with Woody Harrelson, Today we were worse than a skeleton crew.   Not only was my lovely husband Duncan doing a 14hr shift in his temporary job, and George away in Ireland; but the tennis was on this afternoon, and if that wasn’t bad enough.. the World Cup! 🏆🏃🏃⚽⚽⚽🎾🎾🎾 … Add to all this a truly astounding number of roadworks 🐌🐌 🐌. How were we supposed to get the goods through?

All alone, I made my way to Morrison’s at Piersfield, while Clive and Gordon readied the kitchen at the Hollies. Once there, Fred arrived on the bus. Together we sought out the marvellous Veg manager Barry, who declines to be photographed for the blog but sends his regards. Today he had a ton of stuff. Eighteen crates! Enough for three cars. Pity we only had one. Another staff member, Samina (spelling confirmed by the helpful Ewan – thanks! I promised you’d get a mention) even brought out a couple of crates of baby food! These would be helpful for the people we feed who have kids. Also for the Pilmeny Development Project (a recent addition to our books) which aims to help out families with school-age (and younger) children. 👶👶👶👪👪

Fred and I packed the crates as full as we could, and managed to get roughly half of the food into the little Polo. It was brimming at the seams! We chugged back to the wonderful Hollies,where Fred set about sorting 30 food bags and a crate or two for the Pilmeny Project. I sped back and picked up the rest, taking photos where I had permission. Some will be on the website and Facebook page. By the time I returned, the bags were mostly done and it was 1.15pm already. Clive said he was close to serving up, but we did have time to feed cats and dispose of all these empty crates. Fred came along for the ride, having sorted bags with Gordon. We fed cats 😸😹 🍜🍜and nipped into a corner shop for a juice or two. 🚗🚶🚶🏪☕🍺Also a quick trip for some medicines for Fred’s menagerie; he has 5 cats and a dog! 🐶🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

Now the soup was ready, and we ate. Yum! 😊😊 Susan had arrived; Feston had been and gone (corny book title opportunity here; ‘Eats, (collects bean) Shoots and Leaves’🐼), taking Gordon to do Adele’s big Musselburgh run and then going home from there to watch the match. It was after 3pm now, and we still had 3 runs to do in just one car! Fred elected to stay on and help as second man as I drove. We simply could not have done all this without him. Wallyford and Prestonpans were completed while the gorgeous Susan cleaned up the kitchens with Clive. Susan then came with us to deliver her run, getting adult kids to help and volunteering to take some of the bags through in the week instead of us trying to deliver them now. Doubling back, we dropped Clive off at Gordon’s to watch the second half of the World Cup ⚽⚽ (there it is again)! Filling the little Polo to the gunnels once again, off we sped to Joppa and Pilton. 🚀🚀🚀

Pilton is a long way away when you’re at the end of the delivering day. We kept ourselves merry by talking about the antics of Fred’s huge, mad dog Barney – a canine form of Zebedee from‘The Magic Roundabout’. Also about the black cat, Misty, whose paw needs attention but who had disappeared for all of last week. We planned the specifics of a vet visit tomorrow, and hoped nobody would let Misty escape again in the meantime(!) Unloading the car we began to notice the drop in temperature. Maybe this was a good thing. With (spoiler alert) France winning against Croatia, at least one ‘own goal’ and a controversial penalty, I was glad people (and tempers) had a chance to cool! ⚽⚽⚽⛅

As I hot-wheeled it in the direction of home, a chilling sound arced across the town and flashing blue lights advanced on my position. Looking around me quickly, 👀 and wondering what that wee flashing red symbol on my dashboard actually meant,  I couldn’t help thinking “I’m not the car you’re looking for!” 🚓🚓🚓👮👮👮

…And I was right! 😅

Happy Eating, folks – and God Bless!

Janine. xx

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