Second Honeymoon Part Two

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16th June 2019

Second Honeymoon Part 2.

Last week saw Marley and her much larger spouse, Misty, hitching a ride on a motorbike to parts unknown…

In the looming darkness, Misty and Marley cuddled up to each other in both joy and trepidation. For cats, a clear, dry night of exploring could be a blissful experience. On the other hand, if Misty didn’t keep an eye on his wife’s whereabouts, she might at any point go down an unfamiliar alley and be lost forever! All the same, some new and exciting smells wafted to them both on the midnight breeze. One, reeking temptingly of sausages, prompted Misty to decide where they should roam first.

“West, I think” he suggested happily. Marley gave him a quizzical look until he sighed and pointed in the proposed direction of travel. “Just follow the food smell” he explained.

Said food smell led them down alleys and through grass verges. The verges reeked of foreign dogs and other, less pleasant things. Misty, a food lover to the last, kept his wife right as she followed him through the darkness. Eventually they found themselves approaching a house where two humans appeared to be having a disagreement.

“I’m not sure”, said the woman, “that we can go on together like this”.

An angry noise came from the man. “You always give up too soon”.

At this point, being cats, our adventurers stopped listening because the sausages were served up. As Marley looked for a way to get into the house, the woman wrapped her food in a newspaper and exited the building. She was coming towards them! Misty put a paw around Marley’s shoulders; the woman didn’t look very friendly. As it turned out, she just leaned her back against the wall and slid down it dejectedly. The cats came a little closer to get a clearer view, and (let’s face it) to better smell the sausages. Noticing her feline audience, the woman reached out and stroked Misty’s shiny black fur distractedly.

“Hello, little cat” she said, prompting Marley to snort in disagreement at the use of the word ‘little’ when referring to her husband. Misty ignored it. Not because he was particularly mature, but because he was trying to get the human to meet his eyes so he could properly beg for a share of the food. The woman had noticed Marley, too; but – being a shyer animal – the little cinnamon cat just backed away.

“He’s a pig”, she announced to them. “He just doesn’t understand me”. Marley, and even Misty, nodded sympathetically – Marley because she was female, and Misty because he still wanted sausages and would agree right now to anything. The woman took one of the aromatic delights and broke it in half, offering it to Misty. He let out a purr of happiness and moved in on the thing, pawing it in case it was a mirage and might fade away. When it didn’t, he lunged at it with his ample jaw. In half a second it was gone. Then he did something impressive; he dragged the other half over to his wife, so that she could have some as well. The woman watched him in surprise.

“Well, well”! She exclaimed. “You know how to treat your lady”. Marley, feeling a little more sociable now that she’d been fed, ambled shyly up to the human for a stroke. “Do you suppose I’ve been hard on him”? the woman asked her. Marley tried to shrug because she didn’t know ‘him’ at all. The woman, however, took this small movement as grudging assent.

“Perhaps you’re right. He probably won’t change, but we’ve been together a long time now. Maybe I can try to understand things from his point of view” considered the woman. Misty, eyeing up the rest of the sausages, nodded to her in the hope of further reward. After sharing out another of the sausages, and eating some for herself in between stroking the two cats, the woman got up to go. She pulled the house key from her pocket resignedly.

“I suppose he’s no worse than any other man” she smiled at them. Giving them each a ‘farewell’ kiss on the nose, she headed back to the door she’d come out of half an hour earlier. As she reached it, it was pulled open from the inside, and the woman was enfolded in a pair of loving arms. Misty and Marley entwined their tails again as they watched the couple embrace, kiss and make up.

“On to another adventure” hinted Misty grandly to his wife, licking his greasy chops smugly as she giggled at him. “Our work here is done”.


28 bags were delivered today, to our service users. These contained fruit, veg and various bready things which we had been kindly donated by ASDA, Tesco and Morrison’s.

Have a good week, and see you next time.

God bless, all.

Janine, Duncan and the ninja cat, Reiver.