Second Honeymoon Part One

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9th June 2019                            Second Honeymoon part 1.

It was a cloudy morning in Granton. The two older cats, Misty and Marley, sat at the window looking out at the world. Behind the animals, their tails were intertwined just like two humans holding hands. They had been together long enough to forgive each other all the things they knew their spouse couldn’t help.

Marley, unusually for a cat, had no sense of direction. If she was going somewhere she hadn’t visited ten times already, she’d get lost. Misty often had to go and find her. Misty, for his part, was a big animal who liked his food. He would regularly eat more than his share from out of their communal bowls, but he seemed these days to lack the ability to catch prey with which to recompense the other cats in the household. He always said the younger mice were too swift for him. Whenever a cheeky rodent upset one of their hosts by coming into the house, it was always Marley who would catch it and kill it for them. She would leave it out as an anonymous gift for the offended person. Marley didn’t want the humans to think her husband wasn’t able to pull his own considerable weight.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a holiday”? suggested Misty, who liked adventures almost as much as he appreciated snaffling other people’s food. Marley purred her agreement.

“A second honeymoon” she mused. Their first adventure together, as young cats, had seen them arrive in Granton from Elsewhere; from there, they had been adopted by Fred and Linda. Technically, the cats were still on holiday; they had simply never gone back home. Marley didn’t mention this fact because she liked the way her husband was thinking. A rumbling noise from outside told them that Duncan and Dave had arrived with the weekly ‘Cook-Inn’ run, ready for delivery by the humans; it was Dave’s splendid motorbike which had first alerted them.

Misty started to grin; “I have an idea” he said. Marley, catching on, followed him happily out into the garden. Once there, the cats put on an air of feigned innocence as they brushed past the ‘Cook-Inn’ volunteers, heading for the bike.

And what a bike it was! Sleek and black and lovely (like Misty himself used to be, mused Marley ruefully). Streamlined enough to pick up speed quickly, but possessed of considerable storage space as well. This truly was a transport of delights!

Checking they were unobserved, Marley picked the lock mechanisms on the generous rear panniers. She settled herself down in one, next to Dave’s shopping; while Misty shoehorned himself into the other, empty pannier. In this way the weight on the back of the bike was distributed more evenly. A good sense of balance like this is why cats usually land on their feet. Very soon Dave and Duncan returned, suspecting nothing. Duncan got into his little Polo, whilst Dave started up the bike.

A few more deliveries followed, while the two excited cats tried to remain quiet in their respective cramped spaces. After an hour or so, they felt the bike pick up speed and realised their true journey had begun! Soon, the cooler air of evening began to blow through the tiny holes along the pannier edges. The cats felt Dave pull in and park up the bike, climbing off to greet his lovely wife, Mel at the door to his house.

Marley picked her own lock again and sprang out gracefully like, well, a cat. Misty’s larger claw broke in the lock and he let out a disgruntled mewl as his wife hared over to him to let him out. She dragged him down hurriedly onto the grass verge as the hugging humans turned around to see what the disturbance had been.

“Did you hear a funny noise from the bike just then”? Mel asked her husband.

“Not just then” Dave mused; “but a funny thing was that, when I turned the engine off, I swear I could still hear it purring”.


Good evening to all our readers! Nice to see you back again. 🙂

30 bags were delivered today, to our referred homes and to one hostel. These contained fruit, veg and various bready things which we had been kindly donated by ASDA, Tesco and Morrison’s. The attached images are part of this week’s food deliveries.

Special diets and, where possible, personal preferences were catered for whenever we have been informed about them. Much love and thanks to Feston, Clive, Dave and my lovely husband Duncan for coming with me once more, and performing the duties of ‘Cook-Inn’. Without our stalwart volunteers the work would never get done.

Have a good week, and see us next time for part 2…

God bless, all.

Janine, Duncan and the irrepressibly gorgeous cat, Reiver. xx


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