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Scots of the Antarctic!

Yet another weekend when we had to dig the car out! This is becoming a habit. In fact, it nearly didn’t happen. I was healing from a migraine and, with the low sun and freezing conditions, it was in no way certain that I could have driven safely. 🚓

Fortunately, my cute and fortunately quite furry husband braved the cold and drove for me. His back is very slowly healing after a few chiropractor appointments, and after all he has his own woolly vest! Bravely he shovelled the snow off of the car and made a gritted path for us, leading right out of the cul de sac. 🚙

George appeared, having seen the weather report and driven up – overnight – through the snow to help out! In lieu of a medal I got him a cuppa while we awaited someone who knew where the food was. Joram arrived as promised, also lending a timely hand in the adverse conditions. Morrison’s produced seven crates, and so Duncan ran around getting a little top-up for the veg bags. This had the added positive effect of allowing us to finish our tea! ☕☕

As Clive our chef has pointed out, calling this week’s episode ‘Scots of the Antarctic’ is only half true. I am English, George is Irish. Duncan is all Scots (but also half German) and Clive himself is from Jamaica. Even so, we find ourselves here in the whiteout. If we can take the endless cold sludge the climate has seen fit to give us this Spring, I believe we can realistically be called ‘naturalised’ Scots. Mind you, I used to get snowed on as a child in London too; the sludge there just turned black a little quicker! 👀

‘The Hollies’ was relatively warm, and had floor space to sort the bags. Eve arrived promptly, and began sorting. Several others also shook off the chill to play a part in deliveries; including Feston and family, Adele, Lia and Andrea. Gordon and Clive soon began serving food to the chilly workforce while George ducked out to deliver the Pilton run and then go on a delivery for his paid job – the man has too much stamina! Wonder if he’d share it around? To top it all off, on Thursday a number of us attended the premiere of our own little movie – filmed for us by those dedicated second year media studies student from Queen Margaret University. Duncan said it was good, and that we’ll be receiving a copy soon to put on our website! Today, although no longer possessed of journalists to do things professionally, we took some pictures in the snow. Duncan and Clive had a seagull-scaring snowball fight – and the ‘Soup Sandwich’ mentioned in previous logs was also filmed.

Also this week; Wednesday saw Duncan pick up some fresh pasta meals from our lovely manager Alison at the Store. I was working, but Cook-Inn stops for no-one. These were delivered both to the Hollies, and to some of our community recipients who responded positively to our offer. 🍰🍅🍆🍎🍒🍊🍦

Now to the cutest aspect of the blogs; pets! Eve lives with four marvellous (and fast) dogs, one of which sustained a leg would this week. Fortunately the vet fixed him up and he will no doubt soon be breaking the sound barrier again, all over Edinburgh and East Lothian.🐩

My two gorgeous rescue cats, Reiver and Romany, spent the night cuddling and bothering Duncan for attention. ‘HM’ Romy howled as his name implies, getting me up around 5.30am; more for cuddles than hunger, as it turned out. As I opened the door to let him into the feeding area, his brother Reiver thundered through (you all might’ve heard him – he is not quiet) and buried his own face in the bowl. Not to be outdone, I produced the second offering and soon, Romy was tucking in as well – before curling up on me and purring happily.🐱😸

Cook-Inn Musselburgh is an original idea ‘cooked up’ by Clive Birch and Janine Johnstone, with endless help from Duncan, Gordon, Adele and our Pastor, Jimmy. We lower food waste by taking edible food from Morrison’s which is near its sell-by date – and we make it into lovely, hot food with the help of our chef, Clive, before delivering it. This process is sum up in one word, INCIPSCUOUS!. Special diets definitely catered for (I am an allergic). The rest goes into vegetable and fruit bags, and is delivered with the hot food to the (referred) homes of people who have long-term illness, poverty, mobility concerns or any significant physical or mental health condition. We also run chef-taught cooking classes every Sunday from 11am. Our usual base is the Hollies’ Day Centre in Musselburgh, who kindly donate their space and their chef for the purpose, every weekend.

Anyone wishing to learn cooking skills, refer, donate or volunteer – please ring our helpline on: 07531 436 389.

Anyone with internet access, please check out our Youtube videos, website & Facebook.

God Bless – Janine. xx

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