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Renewal & Rebirth

Renewal & Rebirth

(ADRA Scottish Charity Number SCO40701)

COOK – INN Musselburgh

(operating in Edinburgh East & East Lothian)

7th April 2019

Renewal and Rebirth.

This weekend we had something really special to celebrate – yesterday, Duncan and I drove to Dalgety Bay in Fife – and, in front of so many of our friends, we renewed our marriage vows; after which we both were baptised! It was particularly special because Duncan had not told anyone of his intent, and he only asked the Pastor a few minutes before the ceremony began. Fortunately the crew had thought to bring along a spare tent and towels in case anyone decided, then and there, to make the commitment. Less fortunately, or at any rate more amusing, Duncan’s six-foot-plus frame proved to be just a little too long for the tent! So he ended up completing his outfit standing up on the beach, while friends helped him hold some towels strategically in position. All of the important action was engineered by our own Pastors Gabriel and Jimmy, who not only arranged the beach-side service (conducted by Gabriel, who went into the freezing waters with us) – but also Pastor Jimmy was kind enough to bring along his own, delicate photographic equipment and film the whole event with both charm and skill. Thanks also go to Charles, and to everyone else who took photo and video footage; some of which have already been sent to us.


Thanks also to the ladies who ministered to my own needs, over in the other tent. Your efforts made it possible to dry off in a small, darkened enclosure, reclaim my outfit, partially restore my disordered hair and rejoin the crowd without too much loss of dignity. Neither of us would have changed a thing about the day, and we are both thrilled and very grateful to all who helped; and also delighted that those who travelled a long way on our behalf could be there with us. Now, on to Sunday’s adventures. Today was the first ‘Cook-Inn’ day of the tax year. Unusually we were short-staffed, because the stalwart George was still celebrating his birthday over in Ireland with his family. Fred and Adele, who help every week despite not having vehicles, were both feeling ‘under the weather’. All the other ‘Cook-Inn’ car-users apart from Duncan and I were away on various good errands, and so we drove the only car today. We were ably assisted by Rhoda, who once again took the early bus down from Milnathort to help out. She and Duncan, after packing all the veg bags and eating soup, drove round together delivering to folk in Pilton, Magdalene, Musselburgh, Prestonpans and Wallyford. Our very own Gordon, whom longer-term fans will remember as being the inventor of the ‘Soup Sandwich’, came out in our hour of need to help us deliver the biggest Musselburgh run. Also present was Clive the ever-faithful chef, who arrives early every Sunday morning at the kitchens to get things ready, and to cook lovely hot food for the project. This week, we received eleven crates of fruit and vegetables from the Morrison’s in Piersfield – and because of their kind donations, twenty-five families received food parcels and hot soup today. Not to mention a big slice each of Clive’s speciality bread, which attracts rave reviews every week.


After delivering, we all headed to Gordon’s house; there to catch the last of a football match, chat about the project and get a quick snack. All this delivering is hard work! Afterwards, Duncan and I dropped the intrepid Rhoda off at the Bus Station (avoiding roadworks as much as possible). We then went home to the enthusiastic purrs and mewls of our cat, Reiver. Reiver is famous in these blogs for his diligence in catching mice, for the thunder of his tiny paws as he barrels past, and most of all for his appetite. Without his older brother’s calming influence he is bearing up well, and so far he hasn’t been in any situations requiring the late, great Sherlock Romes to alert us to his plight. We are proud to announce that Reive hasn’t trapped his own head in the bars of the fence, or snagged himself up in a gooseberry bush, for a long time. Undoubtedly his brother was a good example to him. We just hope it lasts… We end this blog on a sad note. Today we send our thoughts and prayers to the lovely Debbie – and we mourn the loss of her wonderful husband, Ron, who passed this week. Deepest, most heartfelt sympathies from all at ‘Cook-Inn’ who have had the pleasure of meeting you both. For now, folks, let us wish you a good week. Until we return, all our best and kindest thoughts.

God bless. Janine, Duncan and Reiver the cat. xx

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