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On Stranger Rides

If you’re wondering about this title, it comes from an author – of a book and a film. While the film that was eventually made bore very little resemblance to the original novel, Cook-Inn announces that the winning entry in today’s ‘Guess the Author and the book’ competition wins a Morrison’s fruit of your choice (as long as they have it in stock). The reason for this title may be discerned from the story below…🚌🚓🚕

9.30am saw me hanging out a wash on my line. Facebook had informed me of a completely dry day once Romy the cat had acted as my alarm clock (at 5am)! So I had filled the machine and awaited its finishing bell hopefully. 9.45am saw me, along with Duncan my lovely husband, running to get it back in because the rain had started! ‘Shall we just leave it’? He queried as a huge glob of water dripped down one lens of his specs. We decided that if we took it in we stood every chance of Murphy’s Law making it dry up again. So, for the sake of Cook-Inn (we told ourselves) in it all came, and is tumble drying as we speak. Thank God for technology! ☔☔☔

11.30am saw George, Fred and the two of us sorting veg in the (mostly dry) car park. The gorgeous Gillian, our Community Champion, had helped us find the 12-crate food donation whilst simultaneously running the Customer Service and cigarette counters. Morrison’s  if you’re looking for someone to give a raise, this is the girl! 😊

A woman approached us as we worked, asking who we were and what we were up to. Wishing we had got it together to complete the ID badges sooner, I explained the project. She was delighted! A Criminal Justice Social Worker, she had seen us in the past few weeks sorting crates but just couldn’t work us out. Today she had decided to take the fruit bag by the handles and find out all about us for herself. We gave her our details, and said we hoped we could help her projects and encouraged her to get in touch. 👐

Duncan having been seen taking a huge crate of very smelly onions into our car, I made it clear to my beloved that I wasn’t riding with him if they were in the back. Dracula or anyone from the ‘Twilight’ saga would understand my concern, being as reactive to the stuff as I am myself. Choosing not to move the crate again, he drove off alone while Fred and I crowded into George’s little runabout. Filled, possibly, with valiant thoughts of avenging the damsel, George took the back roads and beat him to the Hollies with minutes to spare. By the time Duncan and his overflowing onion crate reached the kitchens we already had a cuppa and a cake or a biscuit each. Serves you right, Duncan! 😏☕☕☕🍰

Our kitchen crew today consisted of Clive the dedicated Chef, who had arrived at 8am (!) He had begun to make the rolls early, so that we could get home by a reasonable time. Arriving to help him were Gordon and Susan, who started on the soups and cleaned up as they went along. Today’s feature is on Clive, who came to the UK from Jamaica nineteen years ago. He undertook a degree in health studies as well as professional cookery in college. Clive majored in preventative measures, especially eating healthily – using food and nutrition to prevent people’s problems starting up in the first place.  As an ex-nurse myself I can see in him the stability and calm of someone who’s had some nurse training and the brightness of someone whose career follows his dreams. 💃💃💃

Clive runs his own ‘Jerk’ foods business – SsHaa GranDiece, which has its own website (like Cook-Inn). Clive informs me that Sshaa‘ means ‘modern jerk marinades’ while ‘Grandiece means jerk food language. ‘Gloryntine‘, another of Clive’s buzzwords, means living a healthy life by eating seasonal fruit and vegetables. This helps chefs and food-interested people work out what foods are in season at the time they are planning a new menu. Further details are available on Facebook and on his website, accessible by any of these names and full of colour and useful content. Clive of course also created and runs our own ‘Cook-Inn’ website, and is a founding member of the project. Every Sunday he gives his whole day over to the feeding of tasty, healthy food to volunteers and clients alike. Added to this, he is the only chef in the world (true) to have fed me more than once without making me ill… Every weekend, in fact! He’s good, I assure you. And, for any young, Godfearing ladies reading this, who like to cook (or just to eat, like me) he’s single too!… 😉💞

After a lovely lunch – created of course by Clive – which filled me up nicely for the afternoon’s work, George and I used his small but smell-free vehicle to perform a quick feeding of the cats. The elderly Romy announced his intention largely to drink instead of eat. His brother Reiver, unnannounced, helped him out by scoffing the remains of both bowls before we could stop him. I briefly wondered how long it would take Reive to imitate Mr Creosote (from Monty Python – surely someone will win a Morrison’s fruit with this one)? – We locked up again as they settled down for a cuddle together, and we arrived back at the Hollies to discover that, in our absence, two more drivers had volunteered! 😃 Everyone except Clive and Fred was already away delivering. Susan had teamed up with the lovely Hannah, while Joram had kindly taken the soups and bags for the big, Musselburgh run and was delivering with Adele, the pedestrian powerhouse we showcased in the last update. Fred and George now collected the bags and soups for the final run to Pilton. I took a picture of Fred with his grapefruit, because the previous fruit winners – Deirdre and Jean Baker of Portland, Oregon – had emailed me wishing to donate their undeliverable prize to a local person. Photo hopefully to accompany this missive on the website and Facebook page. Many thanks to Deirdre and Jean, and we hope your exotic location will not prevent you from entering more ‘Cook-Inn’ competitions. 🍔🍕🍛🍜🍩🍅🍆🍎🍏🍒🍓🍍

With Fred and George away feeding the Pilton recipients, Clive and I talked about his nutrition interests as we finished the clean-up. Clive showed me the websites he runs, and gave me the information I needed to give you all just a wee idea of what an accomplished chef can do with a little techy talent and some of nature’s bounty. I hope he won’t be shy, and will include photies of both himself and some of his lovely grub! 🍰🍲🍳🍯🍮🍭🍣🍔🍚🍴

That’s it for tonight, folks – keep up the good eating, and God Bless!

Janine. xx


Website; www.cook-inn.musselburgh. Also on Facebook and email, if you contact me with your email address. 


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