More generosity from Morrisons

Tuesday we got a call from Morrison’s who was offering Cook-Inn some additional food products. Eva, the area manager, had six crates of sweets, crisps, cereal, soft drinks which we collected and sorted out. We delivered the packages to four of our regulars, two homeless shelters, and a small amount of crisps, sweets & soft drinks were donated to two care homes. Lots of happy people helped another good day.


A quick run down of the packages

  • 4 Food bank parcels to individuals
  • 1 large food bank parcel to a homeless hostel (equivalent to 3 food parcels)
  • 1 large food bank parcels to a care home (equivalent to 4 food parcels)

Thanks a lot Morrisons for your commitment in building a better British society and bringing hope to service users in Musselburgh, Edinburgh, and elsewhere in the Lothians.



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