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This week began last Thursday afternoon, when Morrison’s called offering us 29 extra crates of food. Duncan drove up and collected, using the currently defunct van as a fridge for the night. Friday evening he picked me up from work and we delivered to 4 hostels, handing out food enough to feed 137 people in the process.

Last week, as some will know, Duncan and I were at a wedding in Arbroath. The lovely Caroline, my friend, made an honest man of Victor and simultaneously made their dog Oswald legitimate. J The rest of the Cook-Inn team rallied round, including our very busy Pastor, Jimmy. Together they collected many crates of food, and delivered a big run.

This week we faced returning to the Hollies with just half a crate of veg! After Thursday’s mammoth giveaway, it looked like stocks had not recovered. But just as we prepared to top up with the help of our own purses, a warehouseman ran from the back of the store and asked us to wait. Before long, ten more crates joined the first. These were packed with lovely veg including masses of potatoes. Much better!

Clive the chef accepted our donations with a smile. Today he had something special planned for us, and I suspect he paid for the essential ingredient himself; free range chicken soup! As we sorted vegetables into 28 bags for delivery to the referred homes, he made the softest, juiciest chicken and vegetables I think I’ve ever had. It was accompanied by new-made rolls, and after we’d eaten, the rest was sorted into containers for the recipients. One choosy man had even requested a steak pie; and true to form, Clive turned one out for inclusion in the runs.

The other two drivers had prior commitments, so I dropped the food off at Gordon’s for the big run. As most of those homes are close together, he and Adele were kind enough to do the run on foot. Adele even arrived brandishing a wheelie trolley! That should make carrying big veg bags easier. I doubled back for Susan, who knew the greater East Lothian run and could direct me. George met me back at the Hollies, having finished in Pilton with Fred. The three of us delivered together, learning short cuts through estates and meeting clients.

All that was left now was the clean-up. The Hollies needed tables wiped and floors mopped. Clive and I jumped to it while George parked up. Musselburgh on a Sunday night is a lot busier than you might think. While we cleaned, Clive and I talked about how far Cook-inn has come in just three months.. Close to 30 homes get fed each weekend now, and any extra collections get sorted and taken to 4 hostels during the week. We desperately needed a base; one we could store stuff in and use on weekdays as well as Sundays. One that we could cook in, sort vegetables in and eat in ourselves. One that didn’t cost a packet. And between us and God, an idea materialised. More on this to follow after we have talked to relevant people…

Running total; As of this evening, Cook-Inn has faithfully delivered 868 meals’-worth of food in 15 weeks.

Keep warm and well, folks; God bless. See you next week!

Janine and cats; HM Romany, and Reiver. xx

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