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  ‘Let them eat Fruit!’ or; ‘Birdie Num-nums!’

  ‘Let them eat Fruit!’ or; ‘Birdie Num-nums!’

COOK – INN Musselburgh

(operating in Edinburgh East & East Lothian)

                                  Charity number: SCO4070                                                                      Helpline: 07531 436 389

3rd June 2018:       

-Ten points and a squidgy banana to anyone who can name both movies, or at least identify who originally uttered those quotes! Yes, it is true that one quote is slightly altered…

Today’s carpool was sorely depleted, with George off on a driving job until sometime this afternoon and Lia studying hard for exams. Taking the fast route, we sped off to collect the donation from our favourite store. After the huge load last week I took my bus pass, thinking I might not get a lift back to the Hollies if there were too many full crates of food. As it happens I need not have worried; six crates awaited us, and five of those were fruit! The other one, of course, was spring onions – fortunately packed in plastic wrappers. Even so, we drove to the Hollies with all the windows right down! Pheeew…..👃👀

Fred was there, boosting our numbers and helping Clive with the bread rolls and the soup. I brought out the list of today’s recipients, added it all up and let them know how many soups and bags; 24 bags, 23 soups. As Duncan and Fred prepared the bags I asked Clive if there was anything spare from the last Lidl delivery. Thankfully he produced potatoes and a few veg items to go with them. That was a relief to ourselves, and to anyone on our list wishing to cook for the next few days!🍇🍆🍅🍍🍎🍈🍉🍒🍌🍏🍣🍢🍪🍭🍮🍨🍡🍻🍓☕🍳🍲🍰🍅🍯🍒🍉🍈🍇🍆🍍

Veering off to feed the cats, and to give Clive enough time to burn off some of that onion-cooking smell, I saw the crows gathering as I approached the house and remembered I hadn’t fed them earlier. I went in and retrieved the bird food, sprinkling it around on the woodstore’s roof. As I re-entered the house I could hear the sounds of birds landing hard on its planks, cawing happily. A short while later I dumped the remnants of the cats’ last meal out with the birdfood, so I could wash the bowls and feed my sweet, feline boys; down came the crows again. Twenty minutes later, with cats sated and relatively happy, I left the house…to find the birds chowing down on yet more food, all on my woodstore, and this time none of it put out by me! A crow methodically packed out its beak to hold the most it could before it took off (which was a lot). It eyed me smugly as if to say, ‘your neighbour gives us a better class of grub!’ 🐤🐣🐦🐦🐦 🐾😺😻

As I chugged the little polo up the river path a seagull, no doubt upset that his brothers had dined so well without him in our cul de sac, stalked onto the road just as I was pulling in. Head down, attitude obvious, he refused to move away even when I honked the horn at him; he just glared in my general direction. Reluctantly I stopped the vehicle. A couple more honks, amusing numerous human visitors to the river who had seen the altercation, and he walked towards the grass in a leisurely fashion, making sure I knew who was boss that day. I parked up at the back of the day centre wondering, ‘why do I bother?’ Then I saw the ducks and their chicks, snuffling in the grass and being cute. All was forgiven birdkind, and the world became rosy again. 🌹🌹

Soup was served to all of us and a couple more willing volunteers who’d turned up in my absence. My friends Elaine and Feston, and Susan the kitchen whizz. We divvied up the rounds and I called Adele (the Musselburgh powerhouse) to let her know Feston and his car were soon to be on their way with the goods. Individual soup portions were ladled into our new, compostable containers – saving us the trouble of trying and failing to get most of them back – and off we went! Duncan and I took the two smaller runs while George revisited his usual Pilton haunts with Fred at his side; all the better to be dropped off home at the end of the run. 🚲 🚗🚗🚗

Two of our recipients were not in, and when we doubled back to pick up Susan (who knew them both) she had little better luck in trying again. The only response we initiated came from a dog, 🐶 who barked frantically from behind a door. Not wishing to distress him any further, Susan volunteered to come back during the coming week and to ‘fridge’ their soups for now. Combined with the veg bags she already stores to take to local recipients during the week, this left her with an awful lot of stuff to be carried upstairs to her home – so we parked up beside the sea, and with a deep breath of salty air in our lungs, we each grabbed a share of the load before trudging all the way to Susan’s floor. Taking a quick breather between flights I thought, ‘why live so high up?’ ✈👀

-But the view at the top was stunning! I could see for miles. Now I knew what made that cheeky gull seem so smug. He gets this view, all day, anytime he likes! 🐦💚💛💜

God bless all, and have a safe and happy week. See you next time.

Janine. xx

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We are a Musselburgh base organisation that seeks to make the best of food products by recycling products. That is we collect food donated to us and run cooking classes using some of them then share the finish delicacies with various service users here and in parts of Edinburgh. Check out when our next Cook-Inn class is and make a reservation to be a part of this great local initiative. Contact us for more details.


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