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Indiana Dunx & the Great Cheese-capade Part Two

Indiana Dunx & the Great Cheese-capade Part Two

Scottish Charity Number: SCO40701

COOK – INN Musselburgh operating in Edinburgh & East Lothian

21st July 2019.

Indiana Dunx and the Great Cheese-capade – Part 2.

Last week we left Duncan, our intrepid adventurer, stuck down a hole with Wallace creeping up on all his cheese! As he noticed the menacing figure coming towards the car, Duncan looked up pleadingly and caught Gromit’s gaze.

The little dog’s ears twitched in sympathy. Although he should always follow his master, it pained him to see a fellow adventurer so trapped and helpless. Sniffing away a tear, Gromit resolutely climbed into a nearby crane which was waiting there for the workers to return. Hotwiring the engine (as really clever dogs can – see the ‘Wallace & Gromit’ movies) he used the gripping ‘hand’ on the end to grip the roof of the Polo, not unlike those games you can play at the seaside to win cuddly toys. Drawing the little car slowly up in the air and leaving Wallace standing helplessly in the hole, Gromit gently put the car down on the road. By the time Wallace had climbed out and returned to the bike, Duncan was already well away.

YPeople 1′ hadn’t wanted any cheese, so Duncan dropped a load off with his faithful helpers at Pilton. From there the helpers delivered on foot, and were not menaced by cheese-thieves at all. Duncan continued on, heading for ‘Stopover’ in Grove Street. By the sharp nose of Gromit, the two thieves set off on a winding course behind the Polo; skirting both traffic and roadworks, eventually to reach Grove Street themselves. Unlucky for them, a ‘Stopover’ worker is outside having a smoke. Before they could get around him, 6 more kilos of ‘cheesy gold’ were gone, and so was their quarry.

Pulling into the Salvation Army Hostel at the Pleasance, a Police van parked on Holyrood road prevented the cheese-thieves from stealing 20 more kilos of dairy goodness before it could be delivered. In a matter of seconds, Duncan was back in the Polo and parked right in front of the Police van! Wallace looked on in absolute dismay, as 12 kilos of his yellow treasure disappeared into ‘Streetworks’. Wallace gave a gasp as he suddenly realised that Duncan only had one route he could possibly take, now; through the Queen’s Park. He gunned the bike and flew up the hill to the Radical Road near Pollock Halls. Scuttling up the basalt like a deranged Spiderman,

he used all his might to dislodge an enormous boulder. It bounced dangerously down the hill towards the road, like a ‘Wil-e Coyote’ trap designed to crush the ‘Road Runner’. Upon seeing the boulder, Duncan hastily slammed on his ABS. The Polo’s brakes were great, as Volkswagen brakes will be; and the boulder carried on unimpeded; there to block the entrance to the Innocent Railway tunnel.

All this danger on the roads had given Duncan an idea. Reaching for his mobile phone (now he was parked), he called the police road safety team and reported an unsafe motorbike, with a side-car which could drop its ladder onto the road at anytime and obstruct traffic. Smiling to himself, Duncan raced away to drop 20 more kilos of cheese at two refuges in Craigmillar, while Wallace scrambled down to the bike to give chase. He did not catch up with our adventurer until he reached Musselburgh. By this time, Duncan had already delivered 24 more kilos to our normal recipients – and the Polo was decidedly emptier. In desperation Wallace parked up in Goosegreen Avenue as Duncan was delivering to a recipient. Pulling out a huge net, he anchored it to the garden wall and the fence by the river. Now he settled down to wait.

Duncan exited the building. Climbing into the car he spotted the big net in front of him, and he began to reverse. Wallace and even Gromit sniggered to themselves, thinking he was beaten. Suddenly Duncan gunned the little car swiftly up the road. It shot through the net like tissue paper. As it did so, Duncan’s Adventuring Hat came off and landed in the road behind him. Reversing briefly once more, Duncan retrieved the hat and stuck it back on his head as he shot off again, looking just like Indiana Jones escaping the Egyptian tomb.

As Duncan set off to deliver to Prestonpans, Wallace was still fighting to free his motorbike from the remains of the net, which had become stuck in his wheels. By the time our cheese-nappers re-acquired their target, he is almost through Wallyford and heading home. Duncan pulled wearily into his driveway, and removed the last box from the car. Wallace pulled into the cul-d-sac and realised the game was over.

Duncan walked up to greet his assailants. “Didn’t you realise the food was free to those in need”? He laughed, handing Wallace a pack of cheese for his very own. A bright smile overcame the cheese-thief’s features, and he saluted the adventurer as he gunned the bike away. As Duncan went into his house, and Wallace pulled out of the cul-de-sac, several Police vehicles surrounded the bike with blue lights flashing.

“Oh well, Gromit”, he murmured, opening the bag of cheese philosophically and beginning to eat; “You can’t win ’em all”.


31 bags of veg and fruit were delivered on Sunday, as well.

Thanks to all the extra donations, between 22 June & 21 July

we fed 2010 people.

God bless, all.

Janine, Reiver the cat, and Indiana Dunx; the Intrepid Adventurer. xx

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