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‘Here Comes the Flood!’ 

Welcome, Food Watchers! Today we saw the weather finally break in Edinburgh. With no lovely  Hollies  this week, because our chef Clive was away making tasty food for the kids at Summer Camp, we had to bag up in the Morrison’s car park and deliver from there. ~On the plus side, the fruit and veg won’t have needed much of a wash before use! 🍅🍍🍎🍆🍇🍏🍒🍑🍓🍊🍌

Today, while we take the Cook-Inn journey together, we will mostly be accompanied by that consummate performer; Peter Gabriel, and the titles of some of his songs. Those of us who know him may well recognise this week’s Blog title. If we miss an opportunity to mention one of his good tunes in this blog, please do comment on the website with the missing song or album titles! 😊✋

including myself have been coping with headaches and dizziness, and in many ways it is good that the deluge (‘Red Rain’) happened. Of course, it meant that on Duncan’s very last day of work, I had no car to collect or deliver with (Album: ‘Car’). On the bus, therefore – and armed with about 30 plastic delivery bags, I headed into the Store and asked to see the Veg Manager. Fred, the intrepid helper from West Edinburgh, was there to greet me. Together we awaited the load, and after several workers failed to find it, Barry the Veg Manager appeared; and like a water diviner, (‘I Have The Touch‘) he located eleven good crates of food. Fred pushed it out into the car park to begin the sorting. 🚏🚶🍈🍇🍉🍌

As we exited the store, the rain began in earnest. (‘Darkness’, ‘Red Rain‘ again, and my personal favourite; ‘I go swimming‘) Having nowhere else to sort and bag the food, we wheeled the big trolleys around the corner and started unloading the soaking crates in the relatively dry area under the awning. Every once in a while a car, a trolley or a pernicious gust of wind would blow trash and mud in our general direction as we stooped to select items of fruit or veg, and deposit them in their proper places (‘Digging in the Dirt’).

Trees at the edge of the car park seemed to wave cheerily at us, so much so that we wondered whether one or two might break off and go sailing out across the unsuspecting streets of Edinburgh (‘Shaking the Tree‘). After a while all the ‘squidgy’ stuff had been allocated to the nearby bin (‘Down to Earth‘), or to our ‘preserve’ pile – there to be jammed or otherwise processed to avoid waste (Bob Marley’s ‘Jamming’...well, why not)?. One cheeky red apple tried to get away, and wound up getting the worst of a passing trolley (you’ll like this one; ‘Blood of Eden’). 🍎

As we packed 28 bags, a ‘fruit-only’ bag and a crate for the Pilmeny Project, our friend Feston arrived. Having, as he does, a car; 🚗 we felt truly blessed. Now we had a chance of getting the food to its multiple destinations! We stopped before loading to get a selfie of Fred and I, standing in front of Morrison’s blue saltire poster (‘Family Snapshot‘). Several times a small crowd of shoppers gathered around us, curious as to why we were there and what we were doing. Each time one of us would stop and talk to them, making them aware of the charity and its aims (‘Big Time‘) ✋👀👶👵👴👱👳☕☕

Still the rain rained down, ☔ and the bags slowly filled up. While we worked, Feston kindly delivered to Adele the Pedestrian Powerhouse the bags for her run, and then took the charming Susan on a visit to Wallyford and Prestonpans; there to help him deliver the two remaining East Lothian runs, professionally as a (slightly dripping) team. 🚗🚶🚶🍈🍑🍒🍓🍌

Suddenly it was 3pm. I realised that I had made no arrangements for cat lunches! Poor wee cuddly Romany Johnstone, who is much too light now, in his dotage – and has to take care when walking round plug holes (in case he falls in). Not to mention his brother Reiver, who could use to lose a few ounces but who would shudder at the thought; (‘Animal Magic’, and ‘No Self Control’). After a frantic phone call, the charming Feston returned – and dropped us off at home, there to feed the two Cute Boys and to mind the crate for  the Pilmeny Project until it could be safely collected. As Feston’s wheels sped away in the muddy spray, I turned to a dripping Fred and said, “I won’t need to water the garden” (‘Kiss That Frog‘)🐸😊🌷🌽🍄🌿🌹🌸🌱🌴🌵🌼🌻

Duncan arrived from his last, exhausting day of work at around 6pm; Reiver shot clumsily off Fred’s lap, gouging holes in his jeans as he flew (‘Home Sweet Home‘ …and also ‘Sledgehammer😸). The two men drove off to deliver the Joppa and Pilton runs,🚙 while the ancient Romany – happy to see us all but no longer comfy on anyone’s lap for more than half an hour – settled down to sleep on his new ‘fort’ on the living room table. 😻🐾 Water bowl and food bowl sat nearby, with litters off at some distance but still in the same room (‘Mercy Street‘). Fans of the world’s cutest elderly cat please send up your prayers and ‘comment’ your farewells. We would appreciate your communications. Romany will likely not be long with us. Rest assured that the vet is consulted and that he is receiving the very best of care. (‘I Grieve‘ and ‘Don’t Give Up‘). Pet lovers will know how hard it is to leave for work in the mornings at times like this. But life has to go on, or how would we pay for his meds and his special, vet-recommended cat food? At least he now has a Duncan on tap to care for his every need (‘Modern Love‘ and ‘Love to be Loved‘). I can say from experience that an on-tap Duncan can be very nice.

God bless, all. Enjoy your week.

Janine. xx

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