Feeding the Five Thousand

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COOK – INN Musselburgh operating in Edinburgh & East Lothian

                                                              17th March 2019

Feeding the Five Thousand.

Firstly, I must give you all the sad news that Romany, aka the gorgeous, incredibly clever, seventeen-year-old feline detective Sherlock Romes, has passed away. He died on Tuesday, there was nothing that could be done and he didn’t suffer. In his last hours he was helped along by ourselves and the brilliant vets at Abercorn in Portobello. Now his brother, Reiver, is on a diet; for Reiver, this is an unmitigated disaster. His cries of distress may soon be heard throughout East Lothian as he realises that he’s not had food for almost an hour at a time(!) All of Sherlock Romes’ fans do please leave comments on the website, and let us know you cared about him as we did. 

Romany “Sherlock Romes” Johnstone A.K.A. “Cutus”

Now, on to more cheerful matters. My gorgeous husband Duncan reminds me that, in the course of the year 2018 alone, we have fed over 5,000 people! Our current estimated total, since the project began on October 1st 2017, is 6,800. God has helped us all the way, with things like finding suitable premises (twice), and having stuff like a thousand compostable, single-use containers donated for us to use just when our own funding ran dry.
Special thanks also for the ingenuity, charm and dedication of the Community Champion of Piersfield Morrison’s; the amazing Gillian Lawson! With your help, and the help of your team, all of the above was made possible.
Today’s total was thirty-one bags, soup and chef-made rolls delivered to our referred homes. Also well fed were the volunteer team, which included Clive (our chef), Duncan, Sandra, Fred, Feston, Laura, Chenelle, Adele and myself. – Well, there has to be a perk or two, somewhere along the line! As ever, special diets like mine were catered for by our ever-ready chef.
Next we look to our expansion, as mentioned in the blog just a few weeks ago. ‘Cook-Inn’ is hoping to double up, amoeba-like, and have not one project but two. The West-Edinburgh half of ‘Cook-Inn’ would be run, as normal, out of Granton Church. Anyone needing food parcels is welcome to call the helpline number; 07531 436 389. Food can be delivered to your door if you are in need. Or (if you are physically mobile), people are encouraged to come along on Sundays to the church for lovely food. This adds to the experience for everyone, as we get to meet new folk and have a chat. The best times to arrive are between 11am and 1pm, when the food is usually served!
Please note; with enough volunteers during the week, the project would not have to be confined to Sundays only. As stated in the past, anyone wishing to help out, either on Sundays or on any weekday, is welcome to apply – and we will show them how the project works.
The East-Edinburgh half, including Musselburgh and East Lothian in general, would be run out of a more local venue, and this is currently being investigated. With both projects, all the current recipients would carry on receiving food; but particularly in Granton, where we currently only have one run, we are looking to expand our database, both of volunteers and places to deliver.
Please also carry on visiting our website; www.cook-inn.co.uk …where we post the blogs, along with any other news, and comments from our followers.
Also to be announced is the Health Ministry Project this growing season, spearheaded by the ‘Cook-Inn’ Chef, Clive. We are looking for gardens (we already have a few) where we can grow fruit and veg  – to feed ourselves a tasty, healthy diet and to add to the good food supplied every week by ‘Cook-Inn’. As a group we can prepare beds for the plants, sow seeds and maintain the plots until harvest comes around. A version of this project, known as ‘Landshare’, has been changing people’s lives in Scotland for years, as less mobile people lend out space in their garden and in turn receive a half-share of the resulting organic produce.

Reiver Johnstone A.K.A, “Food-face” or ” Fatus”
(an always hungry bundle of furry madness and love)

Well, that’s our news, folks. Hope you are all well and happy. Reiver the cat also sends his regards, and reminds us that gifts of tuna are especially appreciated.

God bless, all.

Janine. xx

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