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Down but not out

This time things are different; I had a cold, and Duncan took the reins! He took with him enough containers for all the soup we estimated we would need; and 25 bags for the vegetable donations. He then collected 13 full crates of food, took them to the Hollies and he helped to feed people 20+ soups. Also, 25 households received a bag of veg this week, to keep them healthy and to tide them over. All this Duncan did (due to a few personal emergencies detaining some of our team) with the help of just George, Clive and Adele. So WELL DONE to them all! You saved the day. 😊 Trekkies might call this his Kobayashi Maru (non-Trekkies can google this). Certainly he’ll at least be a little tired today…

Instead, as I can really only write about what I have experienced, let me tell you some Cat Tails.

Whilst Duncan and George were diligently collecting, our back door flap out in East Lothian was swinging freely. Open and close, open and close it went, as Reiver and his older brother Romany eagerly flung themselves into the garden and back again. Every so often Romy, whose cute little cinnamon-and-white frame is slowly getting thinner with kidney and thyroid problems, finds that he can only eat a little bit of food – but that he is hungry again half an hour later. This is why he frequently returned to the house, mewing for some new sort of grub that would not bore him but would top up his tummy.πŸ”πŸŸ

Well aware of his problems, I buy in a wide variety of foods for him. Even some which his brother Reiver (who emphatically does not need to gain any more weight) would happily eat, but could not tolerate. Despite his voracious appetite, our Reivy Boy has digestive issues with any cat food containing ‘various sugars’. He also cannot safely have too much dry food in any one day. As we learned one Friday night years ago, to our financial cost; as he needed an operation to help him pee!πŸš»πŸšΎπŸ›€

Romy tucked into one sort of food after another during the morning, only ever eating a tiny bit and never quite finishing the bowl. Every time Reiver missed his brother’s presence in the garden he would come thundering back in, to be a pest until he was given some of what his brother had! This is mostly a concern because Romy gets stressed by his brother’s behaviour – and stops eating altogether. Thus, miniscule amounts of food were duly dispensed to the black-and-white tornado; but only so that Romy could eat his tiny fill. On other occasions Reiver could be distracted, or taken to the other room to play until it could be hoped his brother was done.🐱

Whilst veg bags were being made up, and soup cooked, I got a phone call from my lovely husband. He told me how the morning had gone, mentioned all the onion and garlic which had been donated – some of which was going in the soup, creating a smell which could have had me hiding out by the river, had I been there instead of Duncan. He also said that he would not come back for me, as our chef Clive had offered to help deliver as second man, once Duncan helped him clean up the kitchen. I had not expected this, and had closed up the flap so the cats would be safe while we were both away. To Reiver’s delight I re-opened it, and he bounded gleefully out again. Vegetable beds shuddered as he ransacked the garden, looking for some small, furry playmate who would most likely not enjoy being located. 🐰🐀🐬🐭

Ten minutes later – he had one! a dead mouse in his jaws, Reiver thudded through the flap and minced around the living room looking entirely pleased with himself. I tried to get him to drop it. Being a cat who’s suffered head injury – and definitely lost a few marbles in the process – the worry is that he might choke on a bone, like a small dog could. Not to worry, after a few minutes the poor, deceased rodent was discarded in favour of a catnip toy which moved about on the end of a string. At this point, that was more than the other ‘toy’ would do. I deftly picked the mouse up in kitchen roll, and removed it to a safer place. Reiver didn’t care; he had the catnip! πŸ‘½πŸ‘»πŸ˜Ή

The last few hours were spent with the cats cuddling up to each other on the sofa, and with me reading a book beside them. For all they don’t always like each other, my two boys do love each other. They both know we all have to get along, when all is said and done. And that is the end of the Cat Tails for today.

Love to all, and God Bless.

Janine. xx

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