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At least, we delivered!

Welcome to the 11th February 2018 Cook-Inn update!

Well, folks, it’s been an interesting week. Duncan’s back is still out, so I left him on cat duty today. We never managed to get a new tyre – so I can’t travel on the bypass yet because I’m not safe at 50 miles an hour!

Off I went to Morrison’s, and I was the first there. Gillian was revealed as being on holiday, and nobody knew where the food was. Luckily Tam the excellent veg manager was located, and by the time Pastor Jimmy and his wife Cedrene arrived to help us (they came all the way over the road bridge! Thank you) A man had been dispatched to get the food and was pushing a laden wheelie trolley towards us.

Pastor Jimmy and Cedrene managed to fit all the food in their car, so they took it all to the Hollies while I snuck back in to get some more veg to top up the supply. We had 30+ bags to fill, and this would not be possible with 15 bags’ worth of food. To say nothing of the veg going into the soup. As I went back inside, Fred arrived; having taken 3 buses just to get here. Together we shopped, including a wee packet of biscuits for each bag and a ‘Freefrom’ cookie bag for a celiac service user.

A new volunteer, Eve, arrived. She and Fred sorted out the bags of veg while Clive, Julia and Isabella cooked; and I went out for physical supplies like more sturdy bags. We needed to get hold of wee padded lunch bags to carry the hot soup containers in. Our esky was also missing in action, having been taken home safely last week by someone else when I was changing my tyre. Fortunately Eve lived nearby, and quickly went to get hers. This was a lifesaver because I have tried to buy another in Musselburgh during the week – and nobody seems to sell them. Miriam, who came last week, helped Adele and I deliver the big Musselburgh run. George arrived, and he took Fred to do the runs at Restalrig and Pilton.


This left the people in Wallyford and Prestonpans – 33 bags and 25 soups (and one pie) in total being delivered today. It was almost pitch dark now, and we were cleaning the Hollies up ready to go. The other drivers having gone home, George returned to help me deliver that run. For safety reasons, we must have two people at all times on deliveries. Clive, who had cooked all day, volunteered to go home on the bus so we could finish earlier. I dropped the overworked polo back home and climbed gratefully into George’s car, using my phone as a satnav so we could find out where we were going in the dark. We even had an extra address, referred just this afternoon. By 6.45pm we had finished, and at 7pm I arrived home to Duncan and the cats safe and sound. It’s not usually this late, but at least we delivered!

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