Animal Antics Part 3

Sherlock Romes & Watson discussing the Mystery so far

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                                                               3rd March 2019

Animal Antics. Part 3.

The Investigators were unusually quiet; they were listening for the sound of a certain car parking up around the back of the house. Duncan’s little Polo, with its precious cargo of food – and the folder obtained for them by Sherlock Romes, the world’s greatest feline detective.

‘Did you hear him yet’? barked Barney the staffie, coming in from his walk and unable to contain himself. The other animals shushed him. Marley pointed out that it was obvious they hadn’t. Rather disappointed at being made to be quiet, Barney shrugged and took his place beside his human mum, Linda, on the sofa. He knew that she, too, awaited the return of volunteer Fred with the food for the Granton run.

Presently, Archie’s ears pricked up; he had heard an engine with just the right pitch! Nodding to Barney to begin, he slunk off towards the front door to play his part in what would come next. Barney, excited that he himself would get a big part in the proceedings, loped happily off in the same direction, barking madly. Linda got up to let him out, assuming he had ‘business’ in the back garden.

Once the door was open, Archie sat in the doorway, blocking it with his sturdy bengal hide. Once an overly-slim cat, he had come into his own recently, and had filled out into a splendid doorstop. Taking his cue from the cat, Barney thundered into the outer hall to meet Duncan as he struggled in with the bags. For the first time ever, instead of knocking him down, Barney loped straight past him. Marley and Misty raced out after the big dog, all heading for the car. Linda, wondering what was going on, had her only exit blocked by Duncan and several ‘Cook-Inn’ bags for delivery in the Granton area. It took them some time to sort this bottleneck out. Time which Barney and the cats used to meet Fred, who was still exiting the car. Handily, this meant the vehicle was still unlocked.

‘Hello, Barney’, Fred said in joy as his dog came up to greet him. Barney made a huge fuss of the tired volunteer, licking him all over so that he didn’t notice Marley sliding silently into the back of the car. She located the red folder and eased it out of its plastic bag, dropping it in front of Misty.

The big, black tom grabbed the folder in his stronger jaws and fled back to the house.

Later on, after dark, Misty yowled to be let out. As Linda opened the window and headed off to bed, he grabbed the folder and hared off into the garden, heading for Eugene’s manhole.

The little pixie was jumping up and down on the lawn, grateful for the darkness but unable to contain his excitement. ‘What have you brought me’? He said, stroking the cats’ fur and taking the red folder.

‘A present from Sherlock Romes’ explained Marley, as Misty handed Eugene the torch. ‘Janine’s work folder from years ago, when she did her night course in horticulture! Every local plant and weed is in there, so you shouldn’t have to eat anything you can’t identify’. Marley sat up proudly. ‘Now you’ll be safe from all the garden poisons’.

Eugene’s eyes bulged as he took in all the notes inside the folder, complete with pictures. ‘I’m not really human’, he said, as a twinge of doubt overtook him. ‘What if something not ordinarily harmful to people is bad for me’?

‘You used to eat dogfood’! Misty reminded him sarcastically. Once, years ago, the big, black tom had mistakenly eaten from Barney’s bowl in the dark; the awful taste had never left him. ‘Besides’, he added thoughtfully; ‘Janine is a multiple allergic herself. Anything she’s listed as edible should be ok for almost everyone’!

Eugene the hungry pixie took the folder into his manhole happily, focussed his new torch on the pages, and started to read.


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33 families fed today! Hoping you all have a nice week ahead of you. See you in 7 days.

God bless.

Janine & cats; Reiver, and Romany. With special thanks to Fred & Linda’s menagerie! xx


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