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This week saw our first article go into the Musselburgh Courier! Avril, a reporter for the paper, interviewed us and collected some pictures. We told her all about the project, and the resulting narrative was published on Thursday. Still time to go out and get one!

Duncan & Janine’s Cats

My poor husband was feeling a cold coming on, so I left him at home to cuddle our two lovely cats. Lounging together on a heat pad, they purred a wee ‘thank you’ for their breakfast as I stroked their fur and then nipped out of the house.

No Hollies this week; they are being refurbished. Our friend George and a new volunteer, Kirsty, joined us at Morrison’s and helped us collect many crates of food for the Veg Bag deliveries. Another helper, Dave, came all the way from West Calder on Friday with containers of frozen soup for those who find it difficult to cook for themselves. As usual, we were unsure who would arrive to help us distribute the bags (and two more addresses had been added to our list of deliveries – which is now full) so, as I went to collect the soup, Gordon and Adele agreed to make up the required 29 individual food parcels. George fired off to pick up Fred and deliver to Restalrig, Granton and Pilton.

This week, nobody had returned us any bags at all! Our stock of 15 new bags (which we buy ourselves) was insufficient. Kirsty drove off to buy more. Please, people, we need those 10p ‘bags for life’ to make the service run efficiently. Once poor Gordon’s hall was filled with roughly equal bags of fruit & vegetables, we divvied up the runs. Kirsty knew the Prestonpans area, so she and Gordon agreed to work together; first on the big Musselburgh run with Adele, and then driving off to the more remote parts of East Lothian. Adele and I, conscious of the dwindling light (it is still January) grabbed our share of the bags and hurried on – to find people in a talkative mood! It seemed everyone we visited was ready this week with a tale to tell. We learned once more that taking the time to chat to people was sometimes as important as delivering food.

There is now a second run in Musselburgh; I drove off to drop veg bags to Susan, who lives nearby. She had a visiting friend who helped carry the produce, and suggested that he might help for a couple of hours on a Sunday in future weeks, driving round to the referred houses. We take any good help we can get, and we look forward to his input. Sadly, for the first time ever, we now have to begin a waiting list of folk who require our help. Volunteers are needed if we are to meet current demand. God bless you all; Janine.

30 homes in six areas delivered to, just today (29 bags with soup and one special request of a steak pie). Please call 07531 436 389 for information, to join a cooking class or to volunteer.


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